AHRIS(African Human Resource Initiative Strategies) is an NGO that empowers people (both refugees and nationals) with skills so that they live and progress anywhere in the world.  It is located behind Panyandoli Vocational Institute (RMF). We train students in the following activities;


*Paper production.

*Body cream processing.


AHRIS is currently active in Kiryandongo District supporting the youth and women in the Kiryandongo refugee settlement and host community to increase access to hands-on life skills and economic opportunities which will help them gain greater control over their lives. The acquired skills enable women to participate more fully in their households and communities as equal decision-makers. We conduct training in different areas such as leather products like belts, craft sandals with tire soles, bags, etc. paper products production like table mats, promotional bags, trays, etc from waste papers from which we teach the beneficiaries how to recycle them using fresh fiber from bananas, etc., liquid soap/detergents and body cream using beeswax, vegetable oil and other chemicals used in cosmetics. Our priority focus is on four areas; skills program, education programs, caring for orphans and vulnerable children, and the environment.

References – adori@unhcr.org. +256-772701107